One Roosta

A conceptual case study for a coffee shop roasting and serving Kauai grown coffee and delicious treats.

One Rooster Coffee Co.

One Roosta is a small shop selling big flavors on the island of Kauai. With locally grown good kine coffee to serve up liquid aloha daily.

More than just a logo design, the goal of this case study was to showcase a comprehensive brand with all of its components. From print pieces like the coffee packaging, menu design, drink coasters, and take out bag, to the online presence and social media content, it’s a fully realized business.


  • Brand Identity
  • Creative Direction
  • Collateral Design
  • Website Design
One Roosta logo
One Roosta menu
One Roosta business cards
One Roosta take out cup

Take out bag

One Roosta take out bag
One Roosta drink coasters


One Roosta website

Social media

One Roosta Instagram
One Roosta Instagram
One Roosta Instagram
One Rooster shirts